Strengthen Providers’ Market Position
Through Direct-to-Employer (DTE) Contracts

Given the increasing health care expenditures and the pressures of the recent pandemic, a direct-to-employer contracting strategy is an opportunity for employers to reduce costs and sustain levels of reimbursement. Only a few of the larger employers along with their local community providers have taken advantage of this contracting model, and now, many more providers and health systems are considering them to support their market position.

DTE arrangements benefit the providers’ market position in several ways, however key considerations must be deliberated before embarking on these arrangements.

After the webinar on demand, the attendees will be able to answer:

  • Understand the top market drivers to inform the optimal DTE design
  • List the key contracting elements important in a successful DTE contract arrangement
  • Determine how to present the provider network in a successful DTE arrangement
  • Learn tactics to optimize network performance and reduce provider “splitters” that will best serve the provider's DTE arrangement with the local employer


Dan-Marino-150x150Daniel J. Marino
Managing Partner
Lumina Health Partners


Clifford Frank
Lumina Health Partners