Make a Greater Impact by Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Have you ever wondered why some healthcare leaders thrive and others struggle? In the past decade, we have now realized and coined another form of intelligence that seems to be even more important to success than conventional cognitive intelligence: Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Leadership can no longer be seen as a position, or in many ways, as a goal. Leadership is dynamic, responsive, and organic. Anyone choosing to accept this mysterious but rewarding experience will need to understand the complexities of emotional intelligence both in themselves as well as others.

Our new whitepaper, The Emotionally Intelligent Healthcare Leader, will help you discover what emotional intelligence is and why it is important for physician and executive healthcare leaders.

This guide covers:

  • What emotional intelligence is and the effectiveness of leaders and co-workers as it relates to their ability to be successful in the workplace
  • The importance and benefits of emotional intelligence
  • The three critical steps for every leader to be skilled at doing to navigate and improve emotional intelligence


Doug McKinley, Psy.D., MCC
Lumina Leadership Institute