Burnout currently affects more than half of U.S. physicians, as well as healthcare leaders — and the COVID-19 pandemic is likely accelerating this. Concerns about care delivery, job stability, compensation, and patient satisfaction can take a toll.

Healthcare providers who are resilient and able to adapt to these changing expectations can improve their own performance and wellness and that of their colleagues as well.

In this webinar, physician executive Dr. George Mayzell explores solutions at both individual and organizational levels, while psychologist and business coach Dr. Doug McKinley shares self-leadership tools that will help attendees thrive in today’s complex healthcare environment.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How to encourage leadership and engagement among physicians to energize their organization
  • Key approaches to manage change now and post-COVID-19
  • Three tactics to prevent burnout and promote wellness

Webinar Presenters:

George Mayzell
Dr. George Mayzell, MD, MBA, FACHE
Managing Principal, Lumina Health Partners

Doug McKinley
Dr. Doug McKinley, Psy.D, MCC
President and CEO, DLM Pathways

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