Success under value-based care depends on physician and finance leaders’ ability to manage their differences effectively with a clear understanding of why organizational tension can be a positive.

This article takes a deep dive into how physician-finance teams who work together with a full recognition of their differences are best able to control costs, improve clinical outcomes and deliver the greatest value for patients.

Key takeaways from the article include:

  • How to troubleshoot common physician-finance dynamics
  • How to manage differences around clinical improvement
  • How to identify the best finance and clinical key performance metrics
  • How to embrace innovation to move your healthcare organization forward
  • The importance of partnering to build better teams and creating better value for patients

Article By:

George-Mayzell-150x150George Mayzell, MD
Managing Partner
Lumina Health Partners


Steven Berger, FHFMA
Lumina Health Partners

Doug-McKinleyDoug McKinley, PsyD
Managing Partner
Lumina Health Partners