Share Powerful Thought Leadership on Lumina Health Partner's Official Podcast

Value-Based Care Insights (VBCI) is a podcast that explores how to optimize the performance of programs to meet the demands of a rapidly growing value-based care payment environment.

Hosted by Daniel J. Marino, the VBCI podcast highlights recognized experts in the field and subject-matter experts within Lumina Health Partners.

Value-Based Care Insights is a featured podcast on HealthcareNow Radio and covers topics that include:

  • Value-Based Care Strategy
  • Physician Leadership
  • Boards and Governance
  • Payer Contracting   
  • Data and Analytics
  • Financial Recovery
  • Revenue Cycle and Coding

Want to be a guest? If you are an expert in this space and would like to share your best practices and tips for navigating the healthcare industry, we invite you to apply to become a guest.


Apply for Value-Based Care Insights If...

  • You are an industry expert and can speak to the topic areas listed above
  • You are comfortable sharing your thought-leadership in an audio-based format
  • You are willing to share your episode via your website, social media, and email list

Guest Benefits Include:

  • An opportunity to display your thought-leadership on one of the fastest growing audio mediums
  • Gaining access to a highly targeted listeners through our HealthcareNow Radio partnership
  • Receiving guaranteed promotion for your episode to our email subscribers of 10K and social media accounts
  • Gaining organic backlinks to your site from articles written on our Insights page
  • The chance to reuse interview audio and promotional graphics to drive traffic to your website, email, and social media.

Questions? Email us at for inquiries and be sure to listen to the podcast by clicking here.