The Health Care Workforce Challenge - Solutions that Work

The following two-part blog series is the result of ongoing collaboration between Lumina Health Partners and the Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association (IPMA). John Malone, Principal, Lumina Health Partners is the lead author of Part One. Dr. Tim Bartholow, MD, Board Chair IPMA, is the lead author of Part Two of the series.

The health care industry has long been challenged with workforce issues. High turnover, recruitment, and retention challenges, escalating wage growth, and low morale and satisfaction for clinicians and support staff have been with us for many years. Health care executives and human resource leaders could not have imagined these challenges getting much worse, then along came Covid-19. Now surveys across the industry are indicating workforce issues have risen to be the number one challenge facing many provider organizations. Part one of this two-part blog series will highlight the scope of current workforce challenges and example solutions that work to address them.

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